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By using the Welovedesign, users agreewiththeseTerms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not use Welovedesign. Using of services and services that were made available for use, as well as registration are free of charge. Welovedesign reserves its right to modify or restrict the contentor services that weremade available.


The contents of the Welovedesign, such as texts, photos, graphics are protected in accordance with the Law on Copyright and Related Rights of the Republic of Serbia, as well as other regulations relevant to the protection of intellectual property. Any use, special storage in databases, duplication, extension, processing or forwarding to third parties (even partially or in a processed form) is prohibited without the prior written consent of the Welovedesign.


Welovedesign may link its users to other websites owned and operated by third parties, which are not maintained by Welovedesign. When linking to other onlineoffers, Welovedesigncannot be responsible for content, functionality or availability of linked websites. This also applies to any other direct or indirect reference or linking to foreign internet offers. If website, to which is a user were linked, contains illegal content, please notify us immediately. After checking and determining thatparticular website contains illegal content, the link to that website will be removed immediately.


Welovedesign regularly updates its content and offered services. However, the Welovedesignis not responsible for accuracy, actuality and completeness of all information. If there are any mistakes regarding the content on the Welovedesign, they will be corrected as soon as possible.

Welovedesign`s liability for minor negligence, as well as compensation for consequential damages (ordinary damages and profit loss), and damages at the request of third parties against registered users of the Welovedesign is excluded.


During registration proceedings, i.t. creation of account on the Welovedesign, user leaves its personal data. Also, user on this occasion declares that he/she agrees, and gives his/her consent to the Welovedesign for processing of his/her personal data for all purposes of processing, which is presented to him/her in a separate document that regulates conditions of personal data protection. Therefore, user confirms that he/she is aware of the content of said document and states that he/she agrees that data, including the personal data he/she gave when registering on the IWelovedesign, can be processed and used by theWelovedesign for advertising purposes(including sending e-mails and SMS). In accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Serbia, the user is entitled for: 1) transparency in processing of personal data, 2) access to his/her personal data, 3) correction of inaccurate and amendment of incomplete data, 4) deletion of his/her personal data, 5) restriction of processingpersonal data in specific cases, 6) transferability of data, and 7)objection to processing of personal data.

Additionally, user accepts and agrees that Welovedesignmay forward data to: (i) web designer engaged by Welovedesignin order to commercialize the website, (ii) companies that organize prize games through the Welovedesign(in which user may participate) and that need information to conduct such games, or (iii) courts and/or other state bodies, at their request, in accordance with law.

The consent of user to receive advertising messages by e-mail or SMS may be revoked at any time within the user’s account. In addition, user is entitled to receive at any time more information about processing of his/her personal data by sending an inquiry to the e-mail addresskontakt@welovedesign.rs, as well as to withdraw his/her consent for processing and using of personal data by sending a notice in that regard to the same e-mail address. Also, please note that if you revoke your consent for processingof personal data, Welovedesign will be forced to delete youraccount and will not be able to provide you services that provides to other users registered with the Welovedesign.


Registered user is entitled to terminate using of Welovedesign in the application section of Welovedesign, without giving any specific reason for such a decision.

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