Hanging JAM JARS

The bright idea for getting double mileage out of kitchen shelves is borrowed from the tool shed. Fill your old jars with biscuits, sweets, or different types of beans and lentils. You could even use smaller jars to create an unusual herb and spice rack.


You will need: 4 or more jars with lids, kitchen shelf, pencil, bradawl, screws, screwdriver.


ONE – Arrange the jam jar lids along the underside of the shelf. There should be sufficient room between them for a hand to fit and sufficient depth for the jars to fit. Lightly mark the positions with a pencil.

TWO – Use a bradawl to make two holes through each lid into the shelf.

THREE – Screw the lids securely in place.

FOUR – Screw on the jars. It is easier to do this with the shelf on a work surface than with the shelf already hanging on the wall. Hang up the shelf.



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